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We Make Grooming House Calls


Mobile Pet Spa

Diva's Doggie Dos is the first of it's kind in the area. Owner Julie Potter, named it after her beloved dog Diva.  This has been a dream of hers to make it easier on owners and their pets.  On January 14, 2019 her dream became a reality.

The Spa is the state of the art 2019 Ford Elite.  It has a super sudser to make shampooing easier for your pet, 2 high-velocity dryers for a quiet and more thorough drying, 2 grooming stations, one being hydraulic for easier transfer from bath to grooming station.  The Spa is air conditioned and heated for the comfort of your pet.  We also offer a variety of shampoo and conditioner treatment to suit your pet's skin and coat needs. 



There's No Place like Home

Safer and easier on you and your pets not having to transport them to and from the groomer.  No more worrying how they will act in the car ride and if it will be safe.  Soon you will even be able to watch your pets get groom in the comfort of your own home.  Details coming soon.


1st Day

January 14,2019



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